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Hall of Famer

Mike and Joe are back in 2020 with the Hampton Roads Experience Podcast and their first guest is local legend Captain Dan Whalen who is about to be inducted into the White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame. Dan tells his amazing story about how he came about to make the Hall of Fame.

The Real Estate Markets

It has been a little while since Mike and Joe recorded an episode. They took the summer off to do things with their families, but now they are back to it and this episode is about Real Estate and Mortgages. Mike provides some insight into what is going on with mortgages while Joe talks about what is pushing home values up higher and where he sees them going.


Mike and Joe discuss the last weeks tragic shooting at the municipal center and the positive response from the community that rallied around the victims and their families to not let this event define who we are.

Hampton Roads Experience Bingo

Mike and Joe introduce the first annual Hampton Roads Bingo game to the show. The name of the game is to clear the card by visiting all the spots and marking them off. For more information check out the blog at www.thehamptonroadsexperience.com. You can download a card and join in on the fun for a chance to win a cash prize.

SOS Credit Solutions

Stephanie from SOS Credit Solutions, a local credit repair company, comes on the show to talk to us about how she can help you repair your bad credit.

Something In The Water

Mike and Joe discuss their take on Pharrell's inaugural festival, Something In The Water, that is coming to the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach later this month.

Beer In Hampton Roads- The Casual Pint

Mike and Joe talk to Chuck and Zac, the owners of the Casual Pint in Virginia Beach. They talk craft beer and discuss what it takes to run a craft beer market as well as they do. These guys are doing more than just running a bar. If you love beer, and unique experiences, this is the episode for you.

A Day In The Life Of A Sheriff's Deputy

Mike and Joe discuss what life is like for a Virginia Beach Sheriff's Deputy with Brandon, a member of the department. Brandon shed's light on what he loves working for the department, what is difficult, and shed's light on some of the great things the Sheriff's office does for the community. He also gives advice for anyone considering a career with the department.

Responsible Pet Ownership and Rescue Resources in Hampton Roads- Janet Rosson

Janet Rosson, founder of the Tou Strong Pet Hospice Fund, talks to us about responsible pet ownership, animal rescue, and financial resources that are available to struggling families in Hampton Roads that need help with vet bills.

Porsha Brown- Redsyte Media

Mike Vitrano and Joe Bergamino interview Porsha Brown, owner of Redsyte Media and discuss some of her film work and documentaries.

Mike and Joe Introduce the Hampton Roads Experience

Mike Vitrano, a mortgage lender, and Joe Bergamino, a Realtor, introduce themselves and discuss what the show is about. They discuss what they love about Hampton Roads, what they hate, and what they would love to see happen in Hampton Roads.